"If you are in search of a gym, this is the place. RevFit is very family oriented. The coaches are the best⏤they work with you to make sure you are doing your workout safely, and they correct you on problem areas. They easily modify the workouts if you have an injury or are healing, or, if a certain movement is not possible, they will give you a movement that you're able to do. Kelly Carse, the owner, is such a wonderful person who always has a smile on her face and loves to give big hugs when you enter the gym. We're certainly missing those with Covid! Please consider this gym if you are looking for a new home⏤they will welcome you with open arms."

⏤Sharon K. 10/14/20

"I've been doing CrossFit for 5 years or so. When I first started CrossFit at another Box, Kelly was a coach and one of the first people I met. She was so personable, friendly, was immediately clear she was invested and passionate in her craft and the members. Fast forward to today, she now owns her own CrossFit gym (Industrial Revolution CrossFit), of which I am a current member and have been for about 2 years. If you've ever expressed interest in CrossFit or know someone who has done it, one of the common responses you'll hear is the sense of community. That is the one thing that'll have you hooked. All I have to say is try a class and see for yourself. That's how I got hooked. Aside from the phenomenal workout you'll get, you'll have a chance to be part of a wonderful community, create new friendships, laugh (a lot) and receive the support from coaches and peers to help motivate you to achieve your goals. I've done plenty of gym memberships...don't waste your time or money. Check out IRCF for yourself and try out a free class. I hope to see you there!" - Lee M. 01/28/19

"Have been a member of IRCF for over a year now and I look forward to bootcamp each week! Kelly has worked assiduously to create a friendly and welcoming environment, where members and coaches push one another to achieve goals and progress in a supportive way. After being involved in more competitive CrossFit communities, I’m well aware that establishing this type of culture is no easy task. So grateful for the friendships that have evolved and the fun we have with the knowledgeable and personable coaches each week. Every workout is challenging and unique; you leave the gym feeling proud, accomplished, and motivated to do better. Thank you Kelly and coaches!" - Caley A. 01/28/19

"When you walk into IRCF you immediately are welcomed by its friendly members. Then during the workouts when you feel like you can’t give anymore someone begins to cheer you on and you are able find this inner strength that pushes you through. It undoubtedly builds your confidence and makes you eager to return for the next sweat session to discover what else you can do." - Julie C. 01/22/19

"The facility is very clean, and HUGE! The coaches are very friendly, easily approached with questions and very motivating. I was looking for something exactly like this! My passion for Crossfit has been rekindled at this place for sure! IRCF has a great community of good-hearted people who only want to help lift each other up. I highly recommend IRCF"  - Lisette S. 05/26/18

"Such an amazing gym. Unbelievably knowledgeable coaches. And the community is out of this world. I dare you to find a day/time where after a workout people aren't catching up, talking, laughing and just loving being together. You cannot beat it." - Aaron D.

"This is the longest gym membership I have ever held and that is due to the owner who is very active in the business and really cares about the gym, as well as great programming and great coaches. It's a place where you can feel comfortable exercising no matter what your fitness level (or size) is, because the coaches and members truly encourage one another." - Lisa C.



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