Lynne-Marie Shea

I started CrossFit in the summer of 2012. I had been working at Central Falls High School and my co-worker, Leo, had convinced me to join a morning CrossFit classes that he ran at the school as a restorative practice for students with discipline referrals. That summer he died unexpectedly and I knew I had to stick with it, so I joined a Boot Camp that, thankfully, was coached by our very own Kelly Carse.


The most motivating aspect of CrossFit for me is the community. At IRCF you can come in, as is, and find people who will support you in being whatever the best version of yourself looks like on that day.


Most of my outside of CrossFit time goes toward working on my Clinical Psych PhD. I'm really interested in promoting wellness through community building, so hopefully I'll be recruiting some IRCF members into that research soon.