Kelly Carse


USAW Sports Performance
CF Olympic Lifting
CF Gymnastics
FMS Certificate

Contact me at or 401.724.4500. 

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In January of  ‘09, I was encouraged by my sister to try this “sport” called CF, and my life was transformed. I was fortunate enough to qualify as a Master at the CrossFit Games in 2010, the first year of the Master’s Competition. I placed 6th in a field of 15 women. That was one of the highlights of my life. Due to the love and passion I have for our CF community, I decided to open up IRCF!

More than anything, it’s the people, the community that inspire me. Right before I had started CrossFit, my fitness had consisted mainly of long solo runs and some circuit training at Gold’s Gym. Something was missing. What I had loved about being an athlete in my younger days were team sports, like soccer, softball and crewing.  I have always been competitive, but as an older athlete it was harder to find a sport that allowed me to challenge myself AND be connected to others. I longed for something different. I wanted to be stronger, to be faster, to be more agile and still have that team-feeling to my fitness.  CrossFit allowed me to experience fitness on a whole new level. It has filled every aspect of my life...socially, physically, mentally and emotionally. My most inspirational moments now are when I am digging deep inside myself to push through a workout...fighting through every movement and am surrounded by my fellow CrossFit athletes who are fighting right alongside me and then, either next to me or from across the room, I hear “Go Kelly!” and I know I can do it...I can get through it…I am not alone!!

My biggest challenge has been to recognize and appreciate myself as a master athlete and not get too discouraged when I am unable to keep up with those in their 30s and 40s! They always support me and believe in me and help me to strive to be a better athlete and not to think any less of myself and my ability to get stronger and faster. 

My goal this year is to get a strict muscle up!