Keenan Goslin

Keenan Goslin




CrossFit Weightlifting

CrossFit Mobility

Experience Before IRCF

Part-time coach, CrossFit Bangor

Part-time coach, CrossFit Providence

High School Football coach, Old Town High School 

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I came to CrossFit in 2011 after several years of searching for a way to stay fit and immediately was hooked.  As a life long athlete, CrossFit not only provided a way to stay fit but also a outlet to compete and be part of a community. Fitness has always been important to me. Formally I was a part-time firefighter and CrossFit was perfect for preparing me for whatever came my way.  My coaching career began as high school football coach during college and continued with coaching CrossFit in 2012. I love CrossFit for its constantly varied movements providing endless opportunities to learn and better myself and our athletes. I love to have a good time in class and meet new members.