James (Jim) Giorgi

I am a lifelong Soldier with 25+ years of service. In 2009, a fellow Soldier convinced me to try CrossFit. I was initially suspicious but it only took one time to convince me that this method of fitness would yield much better results. As an Army Paratrooper, I had always maintained a good fitness level but CrossFit gave me a new outlook on physical training and nutrition, giving me the tools to remain competitive in a field where people physically burn out very quickly.

As a coach, I enjoy working with people to build on and improve their fitness. Measured improvement over time yields great results.


CrossFit is a family affair in my house. I work out regularly with my wife, Julie, and our twins, Ella and Ava. I am an avid sports fan; rooting for all the local teams and attending as many Patriots games as possible. I also enjoy running 5Ks with my family and skiing with my daughters.