James DelPonte

I started CrossFit about 3+ years ago after a long period of time where I believed CrossFit was the devil. I worked out in traditional gyms and did all the things I thought were making me fit. I was convinced by someone near and dear to me to come and try it out. I did, and during my first workout I was pretty confident I was going to die. Once my vision came back, I realized that I was not nearly as fit as I could be and since then I've been hooked.

I have seen far too many people I love with diseases that could have been prevented or improved if their health and well-being was made a priority. I decided that I wanted to do what I could to insure that I would not fall into the same category. My daughter is also a big motivator for me. I want to set an example that health and well-being is critically important throughout life. 


When not at CrossFit, I like to cook, hang with friends and family, learn new things, and laugh.