Harmen Westerhof


CFL1 trainer

CF Judges certificate

In 2013, back in the Netherlands, I got in touch with CrossFit through my old rowing coach. He was one of the early adaptors of the sport in the Netherlands and pulled me in with his enthusiasm. I have always been active in several sports, but CrossFit was the one where I saw the biggest improvement in my overall fitness.

When I started CrossFit, I couldn’t do a single pull-up, but by doing the progressions consistently, soon enough I was doing multiple repetitions. There is, however, always a new skill or goal waiting for you and trying to achieve these is keeping me motivated. Also, as an engineer I like that in CrossFit we can measure our progress by keeping track of our times
and weights, so I encourage you all to do this too!

When I’m not CrossFitting, I like being outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring new places or countries, but also meeting new cultures and trying the local specialty foods and drinks.

In August 2018, I moved to Rhode Island and found my new CrossFit family at Industrial Revolution CrossFit. I enjoy any workout that has burpees and I dislike any workout that has thrusters, but I’ll still do it!

I coach the late-night crew on Tuesdays and Thursdays, hope to see you there soon!