Thoughtfully programmed 60-minute classes that incorporate high intensity interval training and a variety of movements including gymnastics, power lifting and Olympic weightlifting.


Free Trial Class


Before you commit, try a free class! You may join us on Saturdays at 10:00am, or by appointment.


We welcome drop-ins from anywhere and everywhere!


After you've taken (and loved) the Free Trial class, your next step is to take NCFIT 101. It's a prerequisite for any NCFIT membership.

NCFIT 101 is three 1-on-1 sessions with a coach where you learn the essential movements and skills required to participate in NCFIT as well as how to perform them safely, effectively and efficiently.

For those three sessions, the fee is $50. That $50 is applied toward your first month's membership. After you attend the Free Trial Class, you may schedule your Foundations classes directly with Coach Kelly. ​